with Panic Family Circus
at the Three Tuns Inn
10am – 1pm for 4 –  8 year olds & 2pm – 5pm for 8 years old and upwards.
Panic Family Circus will be returning to Bishop Castle to run Circus work shops, so if you would like to learn to Walk theTight Wire, unicycle or  Juggle come and join us
Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited

Storytelling – with Suzanne Tumnus

at The Methodist Hall, Station Street. (New Venue)
Time – 10.30am – 12 noon
Stories of legendary giants for young and old.
Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited

at The Church Barn
Time – 2.30pm
Bob Fowke tells a tale of pagodas and diamonds, of wars, of elephants, of storms at sea, of highwaymen, of lost children, of pet leopards, of orphans, of quarrels among friends, of reconciliation, of vast wealth, of kindness, of correspondence over huge distances. Seventeen-year-old Margaret Masquelyne sailed to Madras in 1752 and married Robert Clive the next year. She was clever and funny, fascinated by music and astronomy and many of her friends and female relations were equally gifted. The story of British women in India in that early era has been badly neglected. Bob Fowke’s talk attempts the right the wrong.
Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited.

“The Role of Teamwork in Asian Textile Art” 
at the Town Hall
Time – 5pm
Does the Asian culture of co-operation have anything to teach Western artists and craftspeople?      Illustrated with loads of stunning textiles.
Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited

Venue The Town Hall
Time – 7.30pm for 8pm start
A celebration in Poetry and Jazz of the life and work of Mary Webb.
Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited

B.C. Film Society  – ‘LES QUATRE CENT COUPS’  
at The Three Tuns Inn
Time – 8pm
If any one film can be said to have launched on the world France’s Nouvelle Vague, it is this, Truffaut’s plainly autobiographical debut.  The first of his unforgettable films about the growing up of Antoine Doinel (played by Jean-Pierre Leaud).  Antoine, who misbehaves at school, runs away from home, steals and tells lies, nevertheless discerns what’s truthful in the confused world around him.
Admission – £5