Tuesday 21st

“Poo – Poo MGuire
a play by Robert Fowke
at The Top Room, The Three Tuns Inn, Salop Street.
Time – 7:00pm
Why does Me-Squeak have to sneak through the barbed-wire border post at Colebatch in order to win the love of Dib-Dab – or is it Jessica? Why does Poo-Poo, Bishop’s Castle’s Mayor, want to nuke Clun then marry a woman who could be his mother? Are we witnessing an emergency meeting of Bishop’s Castle Council or are we in the presence of God? – or is this something more complicated and less comprehensible, something darker perhaps, some incestuous family reunion?
Meeting, reunion or religious ceremony, our councillors must search for a solution to their problems in this new ‘radio’ play by Bob Fowke.

Admission Free – Donations to Festival Funds invited

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